Captain Jack

CAPTAIN JACK has become so popular that the crew, especially Captain Hook, are plotting to usurp command of his ship, send him walking the plank, and possibly even take away his jar of dirt.


JANTY CHATTAW was born September 26th 1977 in Cambridge, New Jersey to Janet and Sam Chattaw. The family moved to San Jose, CA when Janty was two years old. Janty began acting in plays in elementary school and junior high school. He performed in Reader’s Theatre for PBS, then went on to continue performing in plays, and small parts in television. In 2009 he began performing in the performance troupe Pirates for Hire under the direction of Ted Shred as Captain Jack, and is a private contractor hired through Book It entertainment, working for AT&T’s “Spotlight on Entertainment” tour.  After performing a wedding gig for Hans Hernke he was asked to star in the short “The Legend of Captain Jack.”



Captain Jack Captain Jack Captain Jack Captain Jack Captain Jack Captain Jack Captain Jack with Kitty, Violetta, and Jacquline Captain Jack with Diego Moreno Captain Jack & Captain Hook Captain Jack & Captain Hook Captain Jack with Kitty, Bilger, & Annie Captain Jack and Captain Hook with Captain Jack?


Captain Jack in "Encounter" Captain Jack in a Spec Coke Commercial Captain Jack in "The Adventures of Young Jack Sparrow"